Undocumented MS-13 Gang Member Convicted In Nashville

Posted at 12:30 PM, Sep 17, 2018

An MS-13 gang member from El Salvador was convicted in federal court on multiple charges in Nashville. 

According to a release from the Department of Justice, 31-year-old Gerson Serrano-Ramirez, aka Frijole, was indicted in August 2017.  

He was convicted on all counts after a 3-day jury trial for using physical force to tamper with a witness; being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm; illegally re-entering the United States after previously being deported; multiple counts of cocaine distribution; and multiple counts of other firearms violations. 

Officials said Seranno-Ramirez and other gang members were asked to be quiet after being disruptive at a local night club during normal business hours. 

Seranno-Ramirez invited that person to his home in the Antioch, where officials said he assaulted him by pointing an assault rifle at him, strangled him with the rifle strap, sprayed bleach into his eyes, and then tried to suffocate him by placing a plastic bag over his head.  

While clamping the victim’s finger with a pair of pliers and holding an assault rifle on him, Seranno-Ramirez told the individual that if he told anyone about the assault that he would kill him and his mother, investigators said. 

The assault was captured on an in-home security system at Seranno-Rimerez’ house, in addition to videos of him packaging and selling cocaine from the residence. 

This video was discovered and seized during an execution of a search warrant.  Authorities also seized an AK-47 assault rifle from the home, along with multiple rifle magazines; 582 rounds of ammunition; body armor; and a small amount of cocaine and marijuana. 

Serrano-Ramirez faces a mandatory minimum sentence of at least 30 years, up to life in prison. He’s scheduled to be sentenced on January 28, 2019.