Mt. Juliet Police Warn Drivers To Pay Attention To School Buses

Posted: 1:44 AM, Aug 14, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-14 09:07:54-04

The Mt. Juliet Police Department reminded drivers to pay attention when school buses are nearby after a near-mishap on Friday.

Surveillance video captured a driver nearly driving past a school bus that had stopped with its safety arm out, and children walking to their homes.

Mt. Juliet Police said in a Facebook post , the alert bus driver was able to honk the bus horn to get the other driver's attention. 

According to AAA , in the state of Tennessee, the driver of any vehicle is required to stop when a school bus has stopped on a road to either allow students to board or get off of a bus. The driver must stop regardless of what direction they are traveling. The only exception is when a bus stops on a road that that is divided by a median or barrier, a driver headed in the opposite direction of the bus is not required to stop.