Murfreesboro Leaders Reveal Steps To Fight Increase In Gun Violence

Posted at 4:48 PM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 19:31:09-04

Murfreesboro leaders revealed their plan to tackle a growing problem of gun violence throughout the city.

"We've have a large increase in the number of shootings in Rutherford county -- some resulting in death," said Rutherford County District Attorney Jennings Jones.

DA Jones spoke to NewsChannel 5 for the first times since a string of recent shootings left three dead.

He said there's no tolerating it, but he pointed to a new ranking that lists Murfreesboro among the fifteen fastest growing cities in the country.

"Sadly, along with that growth comes an increase in crime," said Jones.

On Tuesday, there was a fatal shooting at yet another apartment complex. The owners need to help police secure the properties. 

Otherwise, Jones issued this warning: The properties could be labeled a public nuisance and, in the extreme, be shut down.

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"If shootings become too rampant at a complex that is something we would have to look into," said Jones.

"Murfreesboro is a safe place," said Sgt. Kyle Evans, but he added that everyone can do more. 

Those apartment complex managers did meet with the police chief Karl Durr yesterday.

"The community is engaging us. We are having those discussions," said Chief Durr.

The talks included adding a crime-free addendum to all leases.

"What that does is give apartments a chance to evict someone convicted of criminal activity," said Sgt. Evans.

Police encouraged everyone to use to find trouble spots.

"You can get information instantly about what kind of crime was reported there," said Evans.

The site is updated daily with the latest information. 

The good news: A couple days have gone by with no shooting in Murfreesboro - that's a start. City leaders hoped steps they take help keep the peace.

Murfreesboro police reported that gun violence is up and stopping it is a priority. However, they also report that statistics show almost every other crime category from rape to burglary to arson is down or not on the increase.