Murfreesboro Police Arrest Accused Peeping Tom

Posted: 6:48 PM, Apr 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-12 23:48:29Z

A 15-year-old caught a man trying to peep on her while using a public restroom. She chased him out of the building, and police say her response aided their investigation.

Murfreesboro Police arrested and charged 36-year-old Daisuke Hondo with attempted sexual exploitation of a minor, observation without consent and unlawful photography.

Police said a 15-year-old girl was using the bathroom and was shocked to find a man peeping on her from the stall next to her.

Hondo is accused of entering the women's restroom of the Bed, Bath and Beyond on Medical Center Parkway where he hid in a stall. The teen told police she went in and used an adjacent stall. When she looked down, she saw a cellphone pointing up at her from under the partition.

"She chased him out yelling and screaming which created witnesses," said Murfreesboro officer Amy Norville.

Norville said the suspect took off running and managed to get away, but there was security video and witnesses got his license plate number which led to the arrest of Hondo.

Norville said the victim made the arres possible by causing a scene.

"It was very brave of her to do that. She did exactly the right thing. We teach women in a situations like this that the best thing you can do is make noise," said Norville.

Hondo is from Japan working here in the U-S legally as an engineer at Nissan. He's at the Rutherford County jail and is not going anywhere soon. 

Because he's a foreign national from Japan accused of a crime Immigration and Customs Enforcement wants him held so they've placed him on a detainer.

Murfreesboro police continue to investigate the case, checking to see if there are any more alleged victims.