Murfreesboro To Hold Special Census Amid Rapid Growth

Posted at 10:34 PM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 23:34:41-04

Murfreesboro rapid growth has pushed city officials to hold a special census for residents inside city limits. It's a piece of paper that could make the difference in the roads residents drive and the water they drink.

Murfreesboro, the 15th fastest growing U.S. city of its size, is causing city officials to seek a current population estimate.

As it stands, the city's population is estimated to have 130,000 people. The last special census was conducted in 2014.

In October, the city will mail a special census to residents asking them to fill out how many people live in their household.

Once receiving it, residents will need to fill out the number of people living in their household then return it through the mail or via online instructions.

The census could help get more federal tax dollars to pay to repair roads, city parks, and other crucial infrastructure.

"We're expecting that with everyone counted and it certified by the state that we probably will add about 20,000 people to Murfreesboro's certified count and that means about $125 or perhaps a little bit more per person," City Public Information Officer Mike Browning said.

Part of the federal money goes into the state's general funding and trickles down to the city to use for a variety of purposes. 

Browning said the number of permit housing has been rapidly increasing which means more people are moving in. 

T.J. Brown, 22, has lived in the city for 18 years. Brown said he can't help but notice the increase especially when it comes to traffic.

"I remember at one point in time we'd get from one side of town to another in about 10 minutes. Now it's like 30 to 35 minutes now and that's on a good day. With rush hour, you can sit in traffic for about 45 minutes to an hour sometimes just getting home," Brown said.

Brown said he's ready to fill out the census to include his 10-month old child and fiance.

The city will review the count in January to get certified results next spring.