Musician Writes Song for Tabitha Tuders

Posted at 6:20 PM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 21:33:28-05

An East Nashville musician has written a song about Tabitha Tuders, the 13-year-old who went missing from her home more than a decade ago.

Elizabeth Cook is a well known recording artist who often plays at the Grand Old Opry and on her newest album is a song titled 'Tabitha Tuders Mama.'

"I always thought about the perspective of her mother and how frustrating and heart breaking the anger, sadness, despair, everything you must go through as a parent being in that position," Elizabeth said sitting inside an East Nashville recording studio Wednesday.

Many of the lyrics of the song mirror pieces of Tabitha's life, "Ruffled curtains blow on Lillian Street," references the neighborhood where Tabitha was abducted from on April 23, 2003. Elizabeth said she has often driven by the Tuder's home where her parents still live.

"The song is my imagination of what it must be like to be in her mother’s shoes. It’s really a song for her mother," she said.

To listen to the song in its entirety, CLICK HERE.

Tabitha Tuders Mama

You wouldn’t know it by the faded flowers in the yard 
But spirits there are broken time goes hard
The sun can be shining all over town
But here one solitary cloud hangs round
She dusts her room and straightens her shoes
Like she might walk back into Shes pretty but the world hardly looks up
When your mama makes lunch and your daddy drives a truck
She cant help but wonder but she don’t dare
Let her mind linger too long there
gotta have a lot of heart             
Who’s worth more than five thousand dollars?   Elizabeth Smart

Please pray for Tabitha rs mama
Even if you don’t pray at all
Please pray for Tabitha rs mama
Even if you don’t pray at all

Still in her heart still in her head
Still curled up on a pallet at the foot of the bed
Too close to where her dresses twirled
Too close too late too bad little girl