Overdose Drug Made Available Over The Counter

Posted at 5:55 PM, Oct 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-11 19:16:05-04

A Tennessee group has made a new push to get a life saving drug into the hands of people across the state.

TN Save a Life is a group that will educate and train people how to use Narcan, a drug that reverses the effects of opioid overdoses.

The group will also work to distribute Narcan to schools, police departments, recovery programs, and more as grant money allows.

Thanks to a blanket prescription recently issued in Tennessee, anyone is able to buy Narcan over the counter. Chain pharmacies like CVS and Walgreen's have Narcan on hand.

"Narcan saves lives," said TN Save a Life worker George Anne Raines. "Whether you're an addict, you have a family member who you're concerned about, or know an elderly person who takes pain medication, you should have at least two doses of this in your home."

Narcan sells for less than $40 a dose and comes in a nasal spray.

It's available at chain pharmacies, but the state has worked to get locally owned pharmacies stocked.