Nashville Architects Preserving The Old While Building The New

Posted at 8:21 AM, Jun 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 13:41:48-04

Nashville is growing and that means old buildings being knocked down, rebuilt or restored. However, one local architect is busy preserving the old, while designing the new. 

"Be it a 20-year-old building or an 80-year-old building. We are always uncovering these layers," said James Denney, Director of Architectural Studio at Gobbell Hays Partners, also known as GHP Environmental + Architecture.

Denney and his team have taken on the task of renovating old buildings like Frothy Monkey and Woolworth on 5th.

"We believe the original building burned around 1913 and then this building was rebuilt in the early 1930's," he said. 

So far, GHP Environmental + Architecture has updated 2 1/2 floors at Woolworth, carefully preserving the history, while converting the space.

They use an expert forensic team to inspect the building's existing components like old railings, tiles and floors.

He says revitalizing the city is not just cosmetic. It has economic benefits, as well.

"Re-energizes the commerce in the neighborhood," Denney said. 

He hopes as Nashville continues to grow and change, architects and construction crews will remember the past while moving forward. 

"So much potential to be redeveloped and preserve this while adding a layer of new," he said.