Nashville Couple Nervous After Cars Set On Fire

Posted at 6:18 PM, Jul 17, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – It was a frightening crime in East Nashville that has one couple on edge.

Josh Ellis and Nicole Gallardo said someone set their cars on fire and then tried to burn down the house.

The couple said they feel targeted, but they haven’t been sure why.

The fire was so intense, firefighters said they couldn’t even put it out. The incident was also so loud it woke up the East Nashville neighborhood.

They also experienced an attempted break-in that was enough to scare the couple, so they moved up the street for a few days.

Then police called when their two cars were on fire and someone tried to burn down the house.

Josh's car was a total loss - a $115,000 BMW. Nicole's car can be repaired, and the house never actually caught fire.

Neighbors said they’ve been nervous and keeping their doors locked.

Josh said police don’t have any leads yet, and he doesn’t know if they ever will.

“Not much hope, but we are okay,” Josh said. “Things can be replaced if need be, car insurance, fear is the only thing we don’t get back.”

In the meantime, Josh and Nicole said they have to decide whether or not to stay.

Josh said there was also a break-in in March when the thief took some personal items and a computer. He said he believes whoever did that may be responsible for the fires.