Nashville Entrepreneur Creates Nodat App; Users Record Video Reviews Of Local Businesses

Posted: 9:02 AM, Nov 01, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-01 14:03:45Z

With so many new Nashvillians and a city filled with businesses, how can customers find authentic reviews? Now a Nashville entrepreneur wants customers to record reviews at restaurants and nail salons, day cares and coffee shops. 

"Video is the new form of marketing. It's what is going to push businesses to the top. And it gives you that authenticity, you know that the information that you are getting you can trust because you see the person there, you can see the emotion," said Aireka Harvell, Founder & CEO, Nodat Place Advertising LLC, "Create the page basically to exemplify your business and the story you want to tell to your customers."

Her idea is to take online written reviews and upgrade them to video using her app, N odat .  

Just download Nodat for free and you're ready to record and upload your recommendations.

"It's not just about restaurants, which is a really cool thing that we love, because that's where you go with your family and your friends most of the time. But it's also about when you go to a dentist, and maybe you're scared and nervous and maybe you like the way the staff calms you down," Harvell said.  

She said it's also the best way for businesses to skip traditional advertising and let their customers do the talking. 

App creators said their goal is to take their app to 15 cities. To download the app or for more info, click here