Nashville Fairgrounds To Receive $15 Million Upgrade

Posted at 9:41 PM, Aug 09, 2016

The Nashville Fairgrounds will receive a $15 million facelift over the next three years, the Nashville Mayor's Office announced on Tuesday. 

The Nashville Fairgrounds is host to numerous events and expos throughout the year, but the event space hasn't seen any major upgrades or renovations in decades. 

"All the buildings on this property with the exception of the sports arena were built for a fair, to hold farm animals and farm exhibits," Ken Sanders, interim director of The Fairgrounds Nashville, said. 

The Tennessee Fair still takes place at the fairgrounds, 10 days each year, but for the other 355 days, the grounds host other events and vendors. 

With the announced renovation, the hope is the fairground's ability to host other events will be improved.

"We hope it brings new life into it," Larry Atema, senior project and development manager for Commonwealth Development Group, said. "It's got a long, rich history, but it needs some capital expenditure to make it better." 

The plan will invest $15 million into the fairgrounds with $3 million going toward new soccer fields and $12 million going toward improving, replacing, and renovating buildings, and improving the overall infrastructure of the fairgrounds.