Nashville Homicide Count Surpasses 2016's Total

Posted at 1:10 PM, Oct 09, 2017

More people have been killed in homicides in Nashville this year than all of last year combined – many of whom were teenagers.  

Metro Nashville has recorded 91 homicides so far in 2017, surpassing all of last year.

Eighteen teens have been shot and killed in 2017 – 15 of those were murders, one was considered negligent, and one was ruled as accidental/reckless.

A third was still under review by the District Attorney’s Office. Detectives have closed 10 of those 18 cases.  

Six homicides (five murders) have occurred at the James Cayce Homes, including the killing of two female teenagers, Vastoria Lucas and Deberianah Begley.

Arrests have been made in the other four murders.

*The homicide number includes those ruled as justified, negligent, reckless, etc.