Nashville Humane Association Helps animals displaced by Hurricane Michael

Posted at 6:29 PM, Oct 24, 2018

About 50 dogs and cats were flown into Nashville on Tuesday to be adopted out by the Nashville Humane Association (NHA) following Hurricane Michael. 

“It’s not every day that you can go out on a tarmac and change 50 animals lives," Laura Chavarria, executive director of NHA, said. 

While Hurricane Michael had an obvious impact on humans in the Florida panhandle, the hurricane also had a large impact on animals. 

“These animals came from a shelter that was very, very impacted by Hurricane Michael, or they were owner surrendered by their owners that went back to their homes and found out how devastated their homes were and found out that they could no longer take care of their animals," Chavarria explained. 

Due to that impact, NHA and other humane associations across the country have been accepting animals in hopes to find them a second chance at life in new forever homes. 

“We’re able to have local impact as well as national impact to help these animals that have really come from a difficult situation and knowing that their lives are going to be nothing but better from this point forward," Chavarria said. 

Nashville Humane Association is hoping to adopt out as many of the cats and dogs as they can over the weekend, and they hope to help even more pets displaced in Florida if they're able to. 

Beyond adoption, NHA employees said they could use volunteers to help at the Association, fosters for the pets until they find their forever home, and donations that will help them handle the extra animals.