Nashville Kidnapping, Rape Suspect Appears In Court

Posted at 11:03 AM, Apr 11, 2017

A preliminary hearing was held for the man accused of robbing, raping, and kidnapping a 25-year-old Nashville woman.

Officials with Metro Nashville Police said 31-year-old Jason Williams is accused of entering an apartment in the Belmont area on March 27. 

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His alleged victim took the stand Tuesday morning and described the attack in front of a judge, attorneys, and Williams himself.

She testified she awoke to Williams standing over her bed and ordering her to take off her clothes.

When she refused, her alleged attacker repeatedly raped her and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

He also allegedly choked her, cut her neck with a blade, and forced her to go to an ATM to take out cash for him.

The victim, who we will not identify described how she leveraged kindness to survive the attack. First, she offered him water and food.

"I walked over, opened up my fridge, and I had clothes on at this point," the woman said. "I remember him telling me to take all of my clothes off again and at this point I said my clothes are staying on, let me make you food, and sort of sustained that I do that for him."

She also prayed over her attacker.

"I told him that God loved him and said let's pray," she said. "I remember him grabbing me and kind of wanting to hold me, so I took him in my arms and I prayed over him."

The woman eventually escaped after Williams forced her to drive with him to a South Nashville church parking lot.

A judge ordered Williams' bond to be set at $575,000.