Nashville Kids Express Concerns To Metro Leaders

Posted at 7:20 PM, Nov 18, 2017

Metro leaders gathered at a Nashville Public School to listen to the concerns of children.

More than 100 kids packed into the cafeteria at Haynes Middle School in North Nashville on Saturday.
One of the biggest concerns expressed by students was safety in their schools.

"We need more of a culture of care in our schools because right now that isn’t there. It doesn't seem like school is that much of a safe place for children," said one student.

Another big topic was police officers' perception of people in their communities.

"How are you guys going to change the policemen's views of how they practice what they do in the community of perceiving us in a different way?" asked one student.

Representation from the Mayor's office, Metro Council, the District Attorney's office, and Davidson County's General Sessions Court all showed up for the forum.