Nashville man remembers his wife and mother who were stabbed to death

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Posted at 5:18 PM, Aug 08, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — It was news that changed the life of Rashad Donaldson forever.

He learned last Tuesday that his wife and mother were both killed, and police said his brother is responsible.

John Wesley Donaldson, 32, is in custody for the stabbing murders of his mother and a sister-in-law, and the critical stabbing of another sister-in-law.

Metro Nashville Police Department officials said John Wesley Donaldson knocked on the door of his mother’s apartment in the Highland on Briley complex, around 11 a.m. When his 9-year-old nephew opened the door, John Wesley entered, enraged, and attacked his mother, Jacqueline Pritchett, 56, with a knife.

After stabbing her to death, John Wesley began stabbing his sister-in-law, Genell Stewart, as she attempted to shield the 9-year-old and John Wesley's 7-year-old niece from harm. Stewart was critically injured and was treated and released. The children were unharmed.

John Wesley is alleged to have then stolen his mother’s car and driven it to his brother’s home on Hickorydale Drive.

John Wesley kicked in the door, found another sister-in-law, Jasmine Donaldson, 32, in the bathroom of the residence and fatally attacked her with a knife. Her 7-year-old was in the home at the time and was not harmed.

"This love keeps me hopeful for the future. It keeps me," Rashad said.

Rashad said he will miss his wife and mother but chooses to honor the way they lived through the way they loved.

He said his wife Jasmine was a "bottomless well of love," and that love he said is being poured back to him and their daughter.

"You look up in the whole world’s right there to give you the same love that you thought she was gonna miss."

Rashad said love is helping not to hate all that has happened.

"It conquers the hatred in my own heart. Because like people telling me, 'hey man, you lost two, but you really lost three,'" Rashad said.

The family still doesn't know why John Donaldson did this to his loved ones, but Rashad says he has chosen to forgive his brother.

"I forgive him. You see, what I’m saying? Because I don't whatever hatred he had in his heart made him do what he did. I refuse to have any hatred in my heart."

Rashad is now planning two funerals for the women dearest to his heart.

"My mom is the life of the party. She's the smile in the room. She is the reason why not to be sad."

He said he has no plans to be sad, but instead plans to live his life to the fullest for his wife, mother and his daughter, whom he'll raise with his friends and family.

The family has set up a GoFundMe for Jasmineand Jacquelineto help with expenses.