Nashville Musician Robbed

Posted at 10:06 PM, May 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-16 23:23:13-04

A longtime Nashville musician who had all his equipment stolen by whom he thought was a ride-sharing driver after performing in downtown, and he has warned others to be careful.

David Michael was trying to get a ride home around 3:30 a.m. last Thursday along 2nd Avenue in downtown Nashville. 

He approached a driver he thought worked for a ride-sharing company.  The driver was courteous, but never identified himself.  While driving home, the driver asked to stop at the B.P. station off West Trinity Lane to buy cigarettes. 

After his ID was not accepted by the cashier, he asked David to buy the cigarettes for him.  David agreed, but after he went into the store, the driver took off with all his equipment.

“I thought, wow, is this happening?” said Michael.  “It dawned on me.  It’s reality.  It did happen.  It was almost $1,800 worth of equipment.”

Michael lost every musical instrument he owned.  The driver got away with a guitar, keyboard, keyboard stand, amplifier, and several harmonicas.  Michael said he was currently unemployed, so replacing the equipment would be difficult.

“What it means to me is he slowed me down from performing and doing what I love,” said Michael.

Metro Police were called to investigate, but Michael said he knew it would be difficult to recover the items.  He believed the vehicle was a newer model black crossover SUV, but wasn't able to get the license plate number.

Michael has been performing in Nashville since 2003 and said nothing like this has ever happened to him.  He asked other musicians to be careful while performing downtown.

“Just be aware,” advised Michael.  “Secure all your valuables.”

Michael said he was still hopeful he would be back performing on Lower Broadway again soon.

“He didn’t break my spirit,” he said.  “No one can do that.”