Nashville Muslim Leaders Teach "Islam 101"

Posted at 10:28 PM, Aug 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-10 23:31:00-04

In light of recent ISIS terror attacks around the world, leaders of the Muslim community in Nashville took another step to educate people about their religion.

They hosted a seminar called “Islam 101” at the Islamic Center of Nashville Wednesday night.  The presentation was open to the public, and aimed to clarify misconceptions about the religion.

“We feel like it’s important in this day and age when there is a lot of misinformation,” said Rashed Fakhruddin, President of the Islamic Center of Nashville.  “It’s important for us to set the record straight.”

People of all ages, from all across the community listened as Fakhruddin explained the basic practices and beliefs of Islam.

He estimates there are about 30,000 Muslims living in the Nashville area, and said he hopes by hosting the educational seminars, more people can learn about the religion.

“It just takes more work on our part,” said Fakhruddin.  “It’s about getting to know who we are, and getting to know our community.”

People who attended said it was a great learning opportunity.

“I studied religion in undergraduate school, but never took any classes on Islam,” said Peyton Williams, a Nashville resident who attended the seminar.  “I want to learn more.  It is so important in our world right now to understand each other.”

Fakhruddin said there have been no recent threats against the local Muslim community, and he believes Nashville is a very welcoming city.

The Islamic Center of Nashville hosts presentations multiple times throughout the year, and participates in other community and city wide events in an effort to educate people about Islam.  Leaders also always welcome visitors to the center.