Nashville Property Owners Turning To 'Goat Guys' For Yard Clean-Up

Posted at 7:29 AM, Sep 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-26 09:06:36-04

Many property owners are cleaning-up their lawns for fall. Now more and more property owners are turning to hungry goats instead of heavy machinery. 

"I do not own a lawnmower. I haven't owned a lawnmower for 30-years," said Paul Parsons. 

Parsons said he has wanted a goat for awhile. 

"The idea of having a goat here is something I've thought about for years, because they are fun, they're cute and they keep the weeds and the grass kinda down," he said. 

Now, he and his wife are renting them by the dozens.

"[My wife] was a bit hesitant at first but came around pretty quick. She saw the videos of the cute goats and said, 'Okay we'll do that,'" he said. 

They rent the herd from The Goat Guys -- a Nashville company that uses goats and sheep to get rid of unwanted vegetation.

Currently they have about 200 animals, making them the largest working herd in the region. 

"Typically we can clear an acre in about 2-3 days," said Josh Delozier.  

Delozier owns the goats and said his business is growing as more and more suburban and city dwellers look for an eco-friendly, green and sustainable option. He said using goats reduces the need to use gallons of chemicals and herbicides that can harm livestock and pets.

"I mean the other way to do this is with a lot of gasoline powered pieces of equipment, to accomplish the same thing," said Parsons. 

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