Nashville Ranked Top City For High-Wage Job Growth

Posted at 10:39 PM, Jun 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-28 23:42:01-04

A new report released by Forbes took a look at the 70 largest labor markets in the country and found that Nashville is the city with the most high-wage job growth since 2011 in the country. 

The article stated that Nashville "epitomizes many of the characteristics that drive high-end employment today," and continued to report that Nashville saw a 160,300 growth in high-wage jobs or 42.6 percent. The next closest city was Kansas City with only a 28.4 percent increase. 

High-wage jobs include jobs in fields such as law, accounting, architecture, advertising, engineering, scientific research and development, and computer systems designs. 

The article credits low taxes and a pro-business regulatory environment for Nashville's success, as well as it being an ideal city to live in at the moment due to it's popularity. 

"We've probably, in the past five or six years, have probably doubled in size," Charles Robert Bone, president and CEO of Bone McAllester Norton, said of his law firm in Nashville. 

The firm has benefited from being in the "it city" with lawyers wanting to work in Nashville, and tehy've had no problem finding people thanks to the great education provided at area universities such as Vanderbilt, and in addition to that, they say the city supports any idea that ushers in economic growth. 

"You go to the city with an idea or something that needs to be done, generally the answer is yes, let's try to figure out a way to make it happen" Bone explained. 

The mindset of supporting economic growth has been around for years thanks to support from the city and thanks to a mission from the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce to make Nashville the best place it can be for potential business. 

"We've very focused on long-term planning, not just planning for tomorrow," Courtney Ross, chief development officer for the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, said. "Now we're in the process of planning for the next five years, the next ten years." 

Ross also said that many large businesses, such as Nissan, have moved operations to Nashville because of how business friendly it is.

"very business friendly state and city and region, and that's attractive to companies who are looking to relocate and expand here," Ross said. 

Bone said he believes if Nashville continues to play it's cards right, the city can continue to prosper, add jobs, and continue to support prosperity for everyone who lives in Nashville. 

"Nashville's been on an unbelievable run, and we've been honored and thrilled to kind of play a part of that and kind of rise with that same trajectory," Bone said.