Nashville's 'New Hat' Wallpaper Rolling In The Orders

Nashville's 'New Hat' Wallpaper Rolling In The Orders
Posted at 7:03 AM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 08:03:56-04

As Nashvillians open new business and bars, New Hat is decking their halls. From colorful camo, to a sea of stars, this is not your mother's wallpaper.

"I think we try to sneak-in on the hip, trendy, fun thing. A lot of people want 'selfie walls' and things like that," said artist and co-founder, Elizabeth Williams.

Williams and Kelly Diehl and are the co-founders of Nashville's New Hat wallpaper.

What started as a one-off project for a bakery bathroom attracted a lot of eyes and now, a lot of orders.

"A lot of people in Nashville ultimately get it because everything is booming and there’s a lot of development and so of course there could be a business that is creating custom wallpaper for all of these new businesses that are cropping up," she said. 

Both designers say Nashville's growth is helping their business and while they don't know exactly where they'll end up, they're just gonna roll with it. 

"It's just a bolder expression of art in your space and who doesn't want that?" said Williams.  

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