Nashville siblings set up free toilet paper stand for those in need

Posted at 9:23 PM, Apr 08, 2020

NASHVILLE, Tenn (WTVF) — When the first case of the Coronavirus was confirmed in the United States many people flocked to grocery stores. One of the biggest buys was toilet paper and weeks later, it's still hard find paper products on shelves.

This gave siblings Winston, Ransom and Ivy Diffenderfer an idea. The three kids went to their parents to tell them about their plan.

"They thought this was a good way to get people the supplies they need without having to risk going out in the public much," said John Diffenderfer.

John and Melissa ordered a large quantity of toilet paper through an industrial website and the kids did the rest.

"They had this idea that we would just get a head buy it, and break it up in smaller packs and give it to people," said John Diffenderfer.

On Tuesday, the kids made signs and set up a table in their Nashville neighborhood where they handed out free rolls.

"Yesterday was pretty good, I got 52 bucks," said 10-year-old Winston. However, 8-year-old brother, Ransom corrected him saying, "no, we got 52 bucks."

The money was from tips they earned and after a successful first day, the kids decided to do it again.

This time they set up shop in the parking lot of Caliber Coffee in Donelson.

"Just the fact that of being able to give a gift to someone without having to take anything in return, that’s the best gift of all I think," said Melissa Diffenderfer.

The family encourages others to help give back in this time of need.