Nashville Tops Memphis As Largest City In Tennessee

Posted at 7:33 PM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 04:39:57-04

A new study puts Nashville ahead of Memphis in being the largest city in the state of Tennessee.

It wasn't a matter of if Nashville would become the largest city in Tennessee, it was a matter of when. Metro leaders said they knew the growth would eventually put Nashville at the top.

"It was kind of bleak. It was sad. I think I bought a sinking ship, that's what my father called it," said Kathy Bloodworth.

The Peanut Shop can be found in the heart of Nashville, and if you venture far enough, you can find the 90-year-old shop in the arcade.

"It was established in 1927 and I bought it in 1989," said Bloodworth.

The Shop has stood the test of time, and was apart of Music City, before it became the "It City."

Kathy Bloodworth says peanuts have been good to her, and it's not only the warm cashews that keep people coming back, but also Kathy's warm personality.

It's people like Bloodworth, that draw so many people to Nashville. In fact, they enjoy it so much they've been staying.

"This is a very attractive place to live, this is a very attractive place to work and do business. People want to be here and they're coming," said Craig Owensby, Metro Planning Department Spokesperson.

Nashville has surpassed Memphis and was named the largest city in Tennessee.

So far, more than 660,000 people call Nashville home, and that number is expected to grow even larger according to the Metro Planning Department.

"In 2040 Davidson County will have about the population that Denver has now," said Owensby.

People like Bloodworth welcome that growth, and are just excited to be apart of the ride. 

"I'm ok with it, I like it. I like being apart of this, this is terrific," said Bloodworth.