Nashville woman escapes kidnapping by bailing out of speeding car

Posted at 3:12 PM, May 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-12 15:38:44-04

May 12 UPDATE: A representative from Uber said the incident did not take place when the rider and independent driver were using the Uber app and was not an Uber trip. Uber said it is against its community guidelines to get in contact once a trip is completed.

Uber said it has implemented safety features for drivers including an emergency button, hands-free pick-ups and Ride Check, a feature which helps make sure drivers and riders are OK in the event of a possible crash.

NewsChannel 5 has reached back out to police for more information.

A Nashville woman survived a terrifying ordeal. The young woman was kidnapped at knifepoint and then barely escaped by bailing out the speeding car.

"I took my seat belt off and grabbed my phone and in that second that's when I opened the door and jumped," Carolina Vargas said.

The 26-year-old said she felt she had no choice but to bail out of her Ford Explorer at 60 miles per hour on a highway in Georgia.

"I just remember feeling a ball of fire where the tire drove over me," Vargas said.

She was trying to escape a man who police have identified as Christopher Miller.

Vargas drives Uber out of Nashville and says Miller, a truck driver, hired her to take him to a hotel all the way in Cleveland, Tennessee while mechanics worked on his rig.

Nothing happened on that trip. But, then last Friday Vargas says Miller called asking her to come get him for a return trip to Nashville to get his truck.

This time she says he pulled a knife.

"I didn't do anything to trigger him and he put the knife here in my side and said now your are going to do what I say."

Vargas says Miller directed her to drive south. She begged him to let her go, and then realized her only choice was to jump from the speeding SUV.

"I didn't break one bone. And I'm so grateful just to be alive. I couldn't believe everything was so fast," said Vargas.

Investigators now believe Miller -- the suspect -- escaped in Vargas' Explorer.

A Good Samaritan stopped to help her on the shoulder of the road and called police.

Vargas was badly bleeding with trauma to her face. She had often taken photos of her fares, and provided a photograph she took of Miller to investigators.

Officers also had the drivers license photo he used at the hotel in Cleveland.

A manhunt was underway for Miller until he was arrested Monday in Florida. Officials say he was found with weapons at a motel in Jacksonville after police tracked him by GPS through his cell phone.