Nashville Volunteers Return From Puerto Rico

Posted at 8:20 PM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-13 21:25:42-04

A Nashville woman who volunteered in Puerto Rico hurricane relief saw firsthand the desperate need that so many people on the island have been experiencing.

"It's really sad to see, it's really depressing just to see everything gone," said Bobbi Negron.

Negron grew up in Puerto Rico, and became concerned for her family, after three days passed, and there was still no word from anyone. That's why she and her friend Kelsey Lemmer decided to go to the island to help.

"When we would drive up and down the road, everybody's belongings were all over the road, like mattresses, toys, clothes," said Negron.

The pair went with 13 suitcases, full of donated items from Nashville. They also traveled to different neighborhoods delivering hot meals, and helping remove debris from homes.

"So we were able to put a roof over her house and she was one who lost everything, like in her bedroom. We had to throw the mattress out and everything," said Negron.

But in between the work, Negron was able to check on her own family.

"So honked the horn and was like you're alive. My mom was in tears and my grandma, she doesn't cry a lot but you can tell she was emotional," said Negron.

The island is still dark, and assistance is still needed. Negron just hopes her efforts helped.

There were still local businesses collecting items as well as cash for relief efforts in Puerto Rico,
like Salsa Puerto Rican and Latin Cuisine. Items and cash can be dropped off there until Saturday.