Nashville's First Rooftop Dog Park Hopes To Draw Millennials

Posted: 10:12 AM, May 01, 2017
Updated: 2017-05-01 11:36:21-04
Rooftop Dog Park Hopes To Draw Millennials

Nashville’s first full-scale rooftop dog park hopes to draw in millennials in a very competitive housing market.

With so many new apartments available in the market and more about to be completed, property managers are trying everything to get you to sign on the dotted-line.

However, Elliston 23 has unveiled Nashville's first full-scale rooftop dog park – complete with 7,800 square feet of turf, located 80 feet in the air right in the middle of downtown. 

"We have more than 400 residents and 100 of them have dogs,” said Property Manager Courtney Dies. “This is what millennials want, this is the next level.”

Other incentives being offered at apartment complexes around town include, salt water pools, outdoor fireplaces and on-site yoga studios. 

With the level of saturation in the Nashville area, experts said it's a good time to be a consumer.