Nashvillian Sends Donations To Louisiana

Posted at 10:51 PM, Aug 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-20 00:04:57-04

A truck full of donations left Nashville headed to Louisiana to help flooding victims.

A total of 13  people have died and countless homes destroyed in the historic flood. On Friday, the Governor said FEMA will pay for hotel rooms on a rolling, 30-day basis.

Despite the rain here in Nashville, dozens of good Samaritans dropped off donations to send to Baton Rouge.

Kimberly Daigle has family in Louisiana, and was headed there Saturday with a truck full of donations from food to cleaning supplies.

Kimberly said she wasn't surprised locals answered the call for help.

"Because I know Tennessee, Nashville went through this not long ago, and so Nashville knows - they know the heartbreak that people are going through, and is just fantastic to see them giving them back," Daigle said.

That truck full of donations wasn't the only thing from the Volunteer state headed to Louisiana; so was a group from TEMA and the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.

They and dozens of volunteers from our local Red Cross that you see here, planned to help flood survivors.