Nashvillians Head To Haiti To Help After Hurricane Matthew

Posted at 7:42 PM, Oct 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-05 20:51:21-04
Nashvillians have packed their bags to head to Haiti in an effort to help those effected by hurricane Matthew.
Rodney Leveille, who runs the Haitian orphanage "Home for Love," waited out the storm and saw 
Leveille has called Haiti home all of his life, but his life started inside the barrel of a trash can. Since then, Leville has devoted his life to helping those in the orphanage.
"All the children at my house were very stressed they were asking what is this? Why is this happening to us now," said Rodney Leville, Founder, Home for Love.
No one knows why it happened, but people like Will Knowles knows how he can help.
"Without a team such as Heart to Heart Disaster Response Team  there's a greater probability that more people would die," said Will Knowles, Nashville volunteer.
That's why Knowles feelt he had to help.
"It's a duty it's a responsibility as a human being to do it. Some people are able to give money, some people are able to offer up prayer and other people are able to actually be there, and do something about it," said Knowles.
This is the first time Knowles will be loading all of the essentials he needs to survive for the next 7 days in this backpack. He will be responsible for his food, and his water, even where he sleeps.
"We have no concept of where we'll be sleeping at night," said Knowles.
But for a lot of people in the storm damaged country, that's something they will be dealing with for many days to come.
"We have a lot of homeless, a lot of people lost their home and they need somewhere to stay. We have a lot of people who are hungry they need water," said Leville.
Knowles hopes his efforts will help ease some of the despair.