National Guard Introduces $18 Million Plan To Keep Recruitment Centers Safe

Posted at 9:06 PM, Aug 10, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A hearing Monday revealed more about the Tennessee National Guard's plan to keep their recruitment centers secure following the shooting in Chattanooga.

Major General Max Haston went before the House State Government Committee and gave them an update on the current condition of the recruitment centers and what they plan for the future.

In his presentation Major Gen. Haston talked about a high tech phone that will allow recruiters to take a digital picture of anyone wishing to go into the center. Twenty-one facilities already have them.

Surveillance cameras will also be installed along with bullet resistant glass, some store front recruitment centers will also have barriers. They are also considering adding a high end security fence that would go around some facilities. The fence is meant to keep vehicles from crashing through.

As for their personal security, there has already been a drastic change.

“I recommended to the governor and he approved allowing Tennessee military department personnel that has a current State of Tennessee hand gun carry permit to carry their weapon on state military department facilities,” said Maj. Gen. Haston.

The cost to implement these security measures is over $18 million. The national guard will make these changes as the federal and state funding becomes available.