3 surprising habits that will help you age well

Posted at 1:11 PM, Apr 13, 2017

As tough as aging can be, it's even harder if you're body doesn't cooperate. A new book called Dynamic Aging is getting a lot of attention right now because it features surprising ways we can stay vital and flexible in the years to come. Donna Ruko talked with the co-author, Katy Bowman, to get a list of the secrets.

1.  Exercise Your Feet

From your ankle down, this area makes up 25 percent of the number of muscles and bones in your body. A lot of people have never really exercised their feet. Free those toes and go barefoot. Start in the house and work your way outside.

2.  Hit the Ground and Get Back Up

You're going to practice getting up and down off the ground, maybe a few times in a row, and every time you get down on the ground assume a different position. Then get back up and you'll find yourself using body parts that you haven't used in some time.

3.  Stop Sucking in Your Gut

It may be affecting your internal organs. You have pressures and different forces in your body for a reason. They are part of the machinery that helps drive biological functions. You need core strength, but sucking in your stomach is not the way to cultivate a strong abdominal carriage or a strong torso.

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