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7-year-old girl with brain cancer honored as homecoming queen at Ohio school

Posted at 3:40 AM, Sep 23, 2018

WAYNESVILLE Ohio – When Waynesville High School held its homecoming Friday night, Reagan Scachetti, escorted by Waynesville quarterback Anthony Carmichael, was crowned homecoming queen. 

"I'm always with Reagan,” said Carmichael, her cousin. “It's an up-and-down battle. I'm always looking out for her and praying for her."

Family supporters in the crowd and on the team wore purple in Reagan's honor.

On a normal night, Reagan would be sitting in a hospital room. She's a permanent in-patient at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

“Normally kids with EBD's don't leave the unit let alone the floor or the hospital, so they've moved mountains and let it happen," Reagan’s mom, Becca Scachetti said.

Carmichael said Reagan' was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was 2 years old. Her parents said there is no treatment left to try.  

“We're at the stage where we just have to allow this to take its course and just pray for more time," said Reagan’s dad, Ray Scachetti.

Carmichael said his school's support means everything.

“It’s amazing to know that the whole community is behind us and what she has to go through," he said.

“Events like this are just spectacular,”  Reagan’s dad said. “It’s what gets us through.”