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Although Gordon weakens, officials still warn of continued threat

Posted at 12:55 PM, Sep 05, 2018

Tropical Storm Gordon is losing strength, as it moves from the Gulf Coast further inland. But it’s still causing a lot of problems for people in the southeast, with the risk of flash flooding.

In Gulfport, Mississippi, residents woke up Wednesday to sunny skies. It was a welcomed sight for a community that was bracing for the worst.

Paula Moore, a resident of Gulfport, took all the necessary precautions to prepare for the storms.

“All is well in our world,” Moore says. “I’m thankful.”

Moore is grateful her city didn't take a direct hit as meteorologists predicted might happen.

“I was like relieved that it was clear here,” says Moore. “I mean there's a lingering sadness, because I know there are people cleaning up this morning that have a mess to deal with.”

Places like the Florida Panhandle are still cleaning up and mourning, after a young boy was killed after an oak tree fell onto his home near Pensacola.

Officials warn strong winds, heavy rainfall rain, and even tornadoes are all continued threats as the storm continues on its path out of Mississippi and towards Arkansas later Wednesday.

Back in Gulfport, Moore says she never regrets preparing for a storm, even if she wakes up to sun the next morning, “It’s always better to be safe. My goodness.”