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Armed citizen patroling Las Vegas neighborhood says he's tired of crime

Posted at 9:19 PM, Sep 22, 2016

A citizen armed with a rifle and knife is walking the streets of a Las Vegas neighborhood, saying he's had enough of all the crime.

"If there is possibly a very determined enemy, we at least have the means to deal with it," said 20-year-old Conor Climo.

Climo's one-man civilian foot patrol began Friday morning in the neighborhood of Centennial Hills.

Climo is armed with a rifle and knife. He said the weapons will keep him safe as he patrols alone.

Ultimately, Climo said he hopes others will join him. He said he envisions a citywide civilian force. 

The plan is getting mixed reviews.  

Some neighbors said they're hoping criminals will be deterred. However, others said they feel uncomfortable with Climo's weapons on the street.

"I don't know what his intentions are, what his motives are, what his background is," one neighbor said.

Climo claimed he was briefly in the military but he would not elaborate on his service. The man said he's working to become a private investigator.

Local police told Las Vegas's KTNV-TV that Climo's actions are legal as long as he stays away from restricted zones, like schools and certain government buildings.