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Baker Mayfield, Kevin Hart rip into each other while sitting in an ice bath

Posted at 6:30 PM, Feb 06, 2019

Baker Mayfield did an interesting interview with Kevin Hart.

Disclaimer: This video features two bare-chested men, one of whom swears, a lot. He is bleeped, however.

Mayfield appeared on Hart's show 'Cold as Balls' (surely just a reference to sporting equipment, and not a juvenile double entendre) where athletes sit in an ice cold bath and get interviewed.

Mayfield talked about leaving Texas Tech and walking on to Oklahoma's team. He also discussed getting drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

It appears that the episode was shot before the season began.

It's just as well they're in an ice bath, as during the show, the duo dish plenty of burns at each other.

"Cleveland historically is good, like back in your day," 23-year-old Mayfield said to 39-year-old Hart.

"Did you get engaged fast because you feel like that's the only ring you're ever going to be able to get?" Hart asked.

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