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Breweries across the country out thousands of dollars from Ohio brewery supply company

Posted at 5:13 AM, Jan 18, 2018

CANTON, Ohio — A Canton, Ohio brewery supplier is being investigated by the FBI. Customers across the country claim they are out thousands of dollars.

SysTech Stainless Works provided brewery materials to small breweries. The company unexpectedly went out of business in September and since then, there haven't been many happy customers.

Several breweries located in almost every corner of the country, from Michigan to Florida to California, were all left in the red. Documents provided by the Ohio Attorney General's office reveal complaints from breweries that claim losses from $29,000-$51,000. Many placed deposits and made purchases with SysTech, for supplies that were never delivered.

According to the documents, SysTech also claimed their products were made and manufactured in the United States. But when the company closed its doors, they asked all their clients to contact a manufacturer in China.

Systech's owners, a husband and wife, boasted of their success during a 2015 interview with the Canton Repository.

Their attorney, Gerald Baker, did not return calls from Scripps sister station WEWS in Cleveland.

After months of investigating by local and state authorities, the FBI's national office has now taken over the investigation.

SysTech is also facing at least three lawsuits in the Stark County Common Pleas Court. 

The FBI Wednesday would not comment on the investigation.