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Canadian political candidate out of race after urination video surfaces

Posted at 10:00 AM, Sep 07, 2015

A Canadian political candidate's dreams have gone down the drain after an embarrassing video surfaced this week.

Jerry Bance, a businessman who was running for Parliament with Canada's Conservative party, is out of the race after being caught urinating into a coffee cup in a hidden camera video.

Bance's day job is as a home appliance repairman. During a 2012 hidden camera investigation into questionable work practices by contractors in his field, Bance was filmed in a home's kitchen relieving himself into a coffee cup before pouring his urine down the kitchen sink — all while the homeowner was in the next room.

The video was released by the Canadian Broadcast Corp. on Sunday. The news outlet had filmed the video as part of a 2012 episode of its "Marketplace" series.

According to the Associated Press, Bance was up for election on Oct. 19, but in the wake of the video's release he was dropped from his party's ticket. "Mr. Bance is no longer a candidate," read a statement from the Conservative party on Monday.

Bance said he "deeply regrets" the incident in a statement, according to the AP.

Clint Davis is a writer for the E.W. Scripps National Desk.Follow him on Twitter @MrClintDavis.