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Colorado neighborhood unnerved after aggressive salesman spits on cat, relieves himself near door

Posted at 10:13 PM, Sep 11, 2018

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — Some families in Colorado are on alert after they say a salesman with an explosive temper terrorized their homes. 

It happened in the Venneford Point neighborhood in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Some of his actions were caught on video. 

Ellen Recine is keeping her children close after a bizarre encounter with an angry solicitor.

“They're not allowed to answer the door. They know that now. They kind of got scared after that,“ she said.

Last Wednesday, Recine's Ring doorbell video showed a man approach her Highlands Ranch home to sell magazine subscriptions.

She declined his offer, as her cat "Mama Kitty" slipped outside. She says the man became indignant. 

“I turned him down politely. He turns around and spits on my cat who was here on the sidewalk, then keeps going,” she said.

The video shows Recine race outside seconds later.

”He kind of spit like a chewing tobacco spitter would spit,” she said. “The cat flinched and blinked her eyes, trying to get the spit out of her eyes.”

That same day, the man was caught on another Ring video, as he approached Kelly Inmann's home, just two doors down.

When her husband asked to see his license: “He snatched it away and walked away. It was clear to my husband this was not a legitimate situation,” said Inmann.

Her neighbor said she also paid the price after refusing to buy magazines.

“When she said she wasn't interested, he kicked all of her pots off the patio, and they shattered,” she said.

That woman called the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, as other disturbing video began to surface on neighborhood sites. 

“He was caught on camera relieving himself in front of someone's doorbell camera,“ said Kelly.

By the time deputies arrived, the man had vanished. Because no one pressed charges, deputies didn't pursue the case.

The sheriff's office says when it comes to solicitors at your home, there are two options:

1. Ask to see a permit. If they refuse, close the door or call the police.
2. don't answer the door.

Meanwhile, neighbors say they're worried the man could return — this time with different results.

“Who knows what he could have done and if there are other people around in similar situations. It makes me feel unsafe,” said Inmann.