Arizona man leaves hospital after five-month stay to fight COVID

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Posted at 7:45 PM, Dec 06, 2021

ANTHEM, Ariz. (KNXV) — After tackling things day by day, and step by step, Ryan Robbins walked out of a hospital and into a space filled with cheers and love.

"For a while, I did not even know I would be able to sit in this space,” added Robbins.

Ryan's fight started in July when doctors diagnosed him with COVID-19.

"I continue to look around our house and am amazed by the grace of God to have me here,” Robbins said.

Friends and family caught on video the special moment of the 49-year-old husband and father leaving the hospital Thursday.

He and his wife, Melanie, who have rarely spent time apart in their 15 years of marriage had to stay close through text messages and FaceTime.

"Normally, your spouse is the one you talk to when you are in a devastating situation. I didn't have that,” added Melanie Robbins.

But, she had a strong circle of support which was needed when doctors said Robbins had only a 1% chance to live.

“I had to choose to accept the facts they were telling me or to rely on my faith,” added Melanie Robbins.

And Melanie Robbins did. So, did Ryan.

And, what the Robbins family got was hope.

"It just took my breath away. I just did not know what to think,” said Phoebe Robbins, the Robbins’ daughter.

Phoebe Robbins was speechless when her dad walked out of the hospital.

"It was just so hard to understand, he lived and he was coming home,” said Phoebe Robbins.

For others in the battle against COVID, Ryan shared some words of encouragement.

"I want everyone to know there is a source of hope that it is not always terminal. You need to have faith and struggle to keep going on,” added Ryan Robbins.

Ryan Robbins has to cope with losing his sense of taste and smell along with part of a finger. He's also preparing for at least a year of recovery. He's certainly happy to be home and able to sit near his family's Christmas tree.

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