New York musician nicknamed 'Piano Man' gives neighbors daily concerts outside his window

Posted at 4:05 PM, Apr 27, 2020

He is being called the Piano Man of the Upper East Side.

Cameron Hart is a musician and producer who gives daily concerts out of his E. 90th Street window. His neighbors love it.

"It gives people a sense of relief and helps us through the hardest times," Hart, 30, said.

Hart is a piano player, singer, and Baruch College music student who found an unusual way to give back and connect with his neighbors as New Yorkers continue to practice social distancing.

He gives two daily 15-minute concerts at 6 and 7 p.m. Hart opens the windows of his third-floor, courtyard-facing apartment and plays music.

His neighbors show their appreciation on his GoFundMe page , his live Instagram feed, from their windows and in person.

"At a time when we're social distancing, he's connecting with the community," Ann Marie Rakovic, a neighbor and a fan said,"It's so important for my neighbors and me. We schedule our lives around his performances."

An equally inspiring New Yorker is local filmmaker Ted Maniatakos. Along with other filmmaker friends, he created a video to thank our frontline workers, including his sister, a nurse, and a friend, an EMT.

"I am out there clapping, and I see someone holding up a sign saying #clapbecausewecare, and I thought that would be a great slogan for a video," Maniatakos said.

And then there are the anonymous New Yorkers who are inspiring all of us every day by placing signs in bars and restaurants and even on boarded-up businesses to say stay healthy and be tough New York.

The piano man Cameron Hart plans to continue his daily concerts at 6 and 7 p.m. until our social isolation plan is lifted.

WPIX's Magee Hickey first reported this story.