President Donald Trump's name will appear on paper stimulus checks, reports say

President Donald Trump's name will appear on paper stimulus checks, reports say
Posted at 9:37 AM, Apr 15, 2020

President Donald Trump's name will appear on paper checks that will be delivered to millions of Americans as part of the coronavirus stimulus package, an addition that some officials say could delay the delivery of the checks by a matter of days.

The Washington Post first confirmed that the president's name would appear on the checks. CNN and NBC have also confirmed that report.

The coronavirus stimulus checks will mark the first time an IRS reimbursement check has included the president's name.

While the Wall Street Journal reported in March that Trump told some people that he wanted to include his signature on the check, the checks that will only include Trump's name on the left side of the document.

According to The Washington Post, the president cannot be an authorized signer for legal disbursements by the Treasury. Standard practice calls for a civil servant to sign the checks to ensure government payments are non-partisan.

The Post reports that the IRS technology team was notified on Tuesday that the stimulus check would include Trump's name, causing many employees working from home to rush to change necessary computer codes. At least one Treasury Department representative told The Post that they did not expect delays from the change.

The checks are scheduled to be sent to the Bureau of Fiscal Service on Thursday for printing.

Americans who have already provided the IRS with direct deposit information will not receive a physical check. Many received direct deposit payments Wednesday morning.

The agency launched a tool on Wednesday to allow Americans to check the status of their stimulus checks.