Reba McEntire says she and her boyfriend contracted COVID-19 despite being vaccinated

Urges fans to wear masks, stay safe
Reba McEntire Reba
Posted at 9:32 AM, Aug 10, 2021

Legendary country singer Reba McEntire said during a recent TikTok Live video that she and her boyfriend, actor Rex Linn, had contracted COVID-19 despite being vaccinated against the virus.

"I did get it, Rex and I both got it. We're both vaccinated, and we still got it," McEntire said.

McEntire urged her fans to wear masks and "stay protected as best you can."

"This has been a hard year, and it's getting rougher again," she said. "You guys, please stay safe. Wear your mask. Do what you have to do. Stay home. Just stay safe, stay healthy."

People who are diagnosed with COVID-19 after being vaccinated against the virus are said to have suffered a "breakthrough infection." While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that such infections are rare, they have been on the rise in recent weeks as the more contagious delta variant continues to spread.

But while people who get vaccinated are still, in some cases, able to contract COVID-19, the CDC says those who suffer breakthrough infections are extremely unlikely to suffer severe illness or death from COVID-19.

Last week, the CDC reported that 99.99% who suffered a breakthrough infection survived COVID-19. Further, less than .004% of those who are fully vaccinated ended up in the hospital as a result of a breakthrough case.

Watch McEntire's announcement in the video below.