Stimulus payments starting to go out to older adults, those on government benefits

Posted at 2:33 PM, Apr 23, 2020

Stimulus payments are starting to go out to some of the most vulnerable people in the coronavirus pandemic – those on government benefits and older adults.

The money is being deposited into the same account people get their Social Security and Veterans Affairs benefits in. Paper checks will be mailed later.

AARP says it fought to make sure the stimulus bill didn’t impact Social Security trust money.

“We’re hearing from seniors all over the country who’ve worked so hard to follow the sales, to clip coupons at the grocery store. They're having to stock up on supplies and it’s really hard to make ends meet,” said AARP's Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Bill Sweeney. “We're asking people to get 90-day supplies of prescription drugs, so they don’t have to go to the drug store every month. That's hard for people financially.”

It’s not just the retired waiting on their money. One-third of the workforce is 50 or older. And, half of all family caregivers are 50 or older.

AARP wants to see more money for nursing homes in future relief bills.

“We want to make sure there is an ability for family members to virtually visit with their loved ones to be able to see them on video make sure that they're safe,” said Sweeney. “And also, to make sure that the staff and their residents of those nursing homes have the PPE that they need.”

AARP has the questions you should be asking if you have a relative in a nursing facility on its website.