Defeated mayoral candidate prophecies destruction of city

Posted at 5:57 PM, Nov 06, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-06 20:13:48-05

Toledo, Ohio mayoral candidate Opal Covey has drawn headlines. From talking in tongues during a televised interview to claiming the destruction of the city if she is not elected, Covey’s campaign was definitely eye-opening.

Some politicians will say anything to get elected, right?

Covey finished fifth in the five-person race to be Toledo’s mayor. She had 519 of the 63,224 total votes. Incumbent Paula Hicks-Hudson won with 22,411 votes. But she does not think she finished fifth.

This year marked Covey’s fifth run for mayor. She believes that votes have been stolen from her and other candidates, according to a YouTube video of Covey.

“Last night’s election, I won again but the votes were stolen,” Covey said. “They weren’t just stolen from me, they were stolen from other candidates... I am going to be mayor, but this was another attack from the devil to stop me.”

Covey said she was sent by God to be Toledo’s mayor.

Part of Covey’s platform was to open amusement parks in the city to attract dollars to the city.

Covey said that she would run for a sixth time in 2017.