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Detective was bitten, struck by individual in viral arrest video

Posted at 10:23 PM, Dec 06, 2019

Baltimore Police have released a police report related to an arrest that took place on December 2. Video of the arrest surfaced this week and caused a stir on social media and around the city.

The video, posted by Tray Smith begins when the officers are on top of the suspect asking him to put his hands behind his back.

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According to the police report, officers were conducting a routine patrol of West Lexington Street when they observed an individual, standing directly under a sign that read no trespassing.

Police say initially, they drove past the area and upon returning a short time later they observed the man turning the front of his body away from the detectives view and began to move.

"Based on my experience, I viewed this as evasive body language and approached to further investigate," the report continues.

The detective said that after asking if any of the individuals lived at that location, they said they did not and he grabbed the jacket of the man to detain for trespassing.

In response, he pulled away and attempted to flee.

The report states that while officers were attempting to detain the man, they felt when was believed to be "gel caps of suspected heroin" in his front jacket pocket. They state that the individual continued to resist arrest and became "actively aggressive and began to strike detectives in an effort to get away."

The detective states that during the incident he was struck in the face with an open hand as well as struck in the abdomen area with a closed fist.

The report continues, stating that while attempting to hold the individuals upper body, he reached into his front jacket pocket where the gel caps were felt and attempted to retrieve some. The detective places the suspected CDS on the steps as the man continued his "actively aggressive behavior."

They state that during the incident, Detective Sgt Flynn discharged his CEW in an attempt to pacify the individual. It was used approximately 3 times in total.

Detectives ordered the individual to stop fighting and place his hands behind his back.

While trying to get control of the man's hands, the detective was bit in the right hand, breaking skin. In response, he struck the individual with a closed fist to the face.

As units arrived on scene, the individual was handcuffed.

Charges against the man have since been dropped by the City State's Attorney.

“Based on the review of the unreleased body worn camera footage, dismissal of the charges was warranted and further investigation has been initiated.”

Zy Richardson

Communications Director

This article was written by Brian Kuebler and Kelly Broderick for WMAR.