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Donald Trump hires reality show star Omarosa Manigault as Director of African-American Outreach

Posted at 8:11 PM, Jul 18, 2016

You're hired.

Omarosa Manigault, a previous contestant on "The Apprentice" reality show, told MSNBC Monday that she is the new Director of African-American Outreach for the Donald Trump campaign.

"It's really an extension of the work the coalition has already been doing, so I'm happy to take up that cause for Donald Trump," Manigault told the cable channel from Cleveland.

Manigault has a lot of work to do. Recent polls show Trump carrying 0 percent of the black vote in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

But the Youngstown, Ohio native says the polls don't tell the whole story.

"I just spent an amazing weekend with African Americans for Trump, about 300 of them, so I'm just wondering who they called because those numbers would be flawed," Manigault said.

"I look at the data and my reality is that I'm surrounded by people who want to see Donald Trump as the next president of the United States who are African American."

Manigault said Trump is focused on improving the economic conditions of African Americans.

Ironically, Manigault is well-known for getting fired by Trump during the 2004 season of the reality show where she developed a reputation for being a villain.

She also appeared on a later season of "Celebrity Apprentice," where she was also eliminated from the show.