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Expletive projected on Trump hotel after reportedly using expletive in meeting with lawmakers

Posted at 3:50 PM, Jan 14, 2018

A projector displayed an expletive on the Trump International Hotel in Washington on Saturday, as the same vulgar word was reportedly used in a meeting President Donald Trump had with several lawmakers earlier in the week involving immigration. 

On Thursday, details emerged that Trump privately questioned lawmakers why America accepts immigrants from "s---hole countries." Although several lawmakers, including Illinois' Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, have publicly confirmed Trump's comments, the President has denied making such statements. 

But on Saturday, the phrases "S---HOLE" and "THIS PLACE IS A S---HOLE," along with emoji of poop, were projected onto the entrance of the Trump hotel. According an account given to the Washington Post, the projection remained displayed on the hotel for nearly 40 minutes. 

The Post reported that Robin Bell, who posted images Saturday's protest on Twitter, was behind the projection. The Post claimed that Bell has been involved in similar protests in the past.