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Facebook launches program to strengthen ties between its platform and journalists

Posted at 9:57 AM, Jan 11, 2017

Facebook really wants its users to be informed by trusted sources, and with accurate details.

So much so that today its director of product announced "The Facebook Journalism Project," in which it aims to partner with journalists across the globe to develop products, and create a "healthy news ecosystem."

Fidji Simo said it will accomplish these things:

• Deeper collaboration with journalists and evolution of current products such as Facebook Live, 360 and Instant Articles
• Support local news
• Existing and emerging business models in order to support changing subscription models
• Engineers will host meetings with developers to explore technical problems and hack issues
• Facebook will host rounds of meetings with editors and and publishers in the U.S. and Europe

Facebook will also provide training and tools that support journalists, and promises to be a listener in the media space.

Read Simo's full explanation of The Facebook Journalism Project here.