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How you can shop Goodwill online

Posted at 2:21 PM, Jan 15, 2018

Goodwill for a majority of Americans is either used as a clothing drop-off location or for buying used clothes for cheap. But the non-profit is reminding customers that Goodwill is a place to buy collectable items through their online store.

Jessica Hudgins with Goodwill Denver says every item put online has been donated to its retail stores and then photos are taken of the items and placed on the Shop Goodwill website.

The warehouse that stores all the collectables houses thousands of hidden gems to be auctioned off online.

Hudgins says, “Most of our items start at $9.99 and from there customers can bid and bid and bid as high as they want to go. The bidding usually lasts for 5 to 7 days.”

Think of Shop Goodwill as a non-profit Ebay. The items sold online are from all over the country. Each time you purchase an item online, the money will go to the Goodwill community the item came from.

Not only is shopping online easy and affordable, but it’s great for Goodwill. More than half of Goodwill employees have some sort of barrier to employment and their e-commerce operation helps those people get jobs, gain work skills and offers them employment opportunities.