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Google searches spike for 'hombres,' 'bigly'

Posted at 11:52 AM, Oct 23, 2016

Last Wednesday's debate produced a number of memorable moments and quotable lines, and the search engine Google captured some of those moments. 

As people watched the debate with smartphone, laptop or tablet in hand, Google searches for terms such as "hombres" and "nasty woman" sharply increased. 

For instance, Google Trends show few, if anyone, searched for "hombres" before Wednesday's debate. But there was a huge spike after Donald Trump claimed that there are a number of undocumented immigrants who are "bad hombres."


Searches for "bigly" shot up as well. While many assumed it is not a word, Merriam-Webster says "bigly" is an adverb for big.


Searches for "nasty woman" also spiked Wednesday.

The 2016 campaign has also showed other comments have caused Google's search engines to spike. One such term is "locker room talk."

Searches for "locker room talk" spiked several days after Donald Trump made a statement on Oct. 7 defending his use of sexually aggressive comments as "locker room talk."

Ig Google searches are any indicator, Trump is dominating searches over Hillary Clinton. "Trump" is being searched at a 2-to-1 margin over "Clinton."