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Guinness declares the longest baguette at 400 feet in Italy

Posted at 1:38 PM, Oct 18, 2015

MILAN (AP) — A judge from Guinness World Records has certified a 122-meter-long (400-foot-long) baguette baked at the Milan Expo 2015 World's Fair as the longest in the world.

Some 60 French and Italian bakers worked nearly seven hours Sunday to bake the French bread characterized by its soft middle and crusty exterior, methodically rolling a portable oven along the length of the doughy preparation.

The Italian maker of Nutella, Ferrero, backed the enterprise to beat the 111-meter (364-foot) record held by a French supermarket chain.

The baguette was then being cut and smeared with Nutella to share with the hundreds of Expo goers who witnessed the record.

It was at least the fourth world record declared during Expo, including the longest pizza at 1.5954 kilometers, or nearly a mile long.